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The Easy to Use Cloud Solution to Manage Your Accounting Department

Excel is for Numbers. Not people.

What is FloQast? Give us a minute to learn more...
Made for Accountants, by Accountants.
Our simple software helps you manage your accounting department by:
  • Centralizing close workflow
  • Assigning tasks and setting deadlines
  • Maintaining supporting documents
Transform your Excel checklist into a shared system for your policies, procedures and SOX controls. Easily implemented alongside your current GL system.

Companies Optimizing Their Close With FloQast



How We Connect Your Department:

Monitor your progress and people

Oversee your monthly close with interactive dashboards and close metrics.

Track completion and progress for your entire department.

Say goodbye to inefficient status update meetings! FloQast makes it easy to stay on top of your monthly close with interactive dashboards that put you in control. Always know what needs to be prepared and what is ready for your review. Gain insights into your department's efficiency, overall progress and a real time news feed of your team's activity.

Task Management for Accountants by Accountants

Transform your Excel close checklist in to a collaborative tool for your entire team.

Unique task management structure designed specifically for accountants.

Transform your Excel close checklist in to a collaborative tool for your entire team. Use FloQast along-side your current GL accounting system and avoid sloppy integrations. Our easy set up and simple customization will have you up and running in hours instead of months.

Receive Alerts When Behind Schedule

Set deadlines for each process and track your teams's progress.

Status updates and alerts when anything falls behind schedule.

Set recurring deadlines for each of your procedures and receive alerts when deadlines are missed in your department. Convenient e-mails will give you a summary anything that missed a deadline and everything up next on your task list.

Find your documents in seconds!

Documents are stored chronologically and attached to procedures for easy referencing.

Never waste time searching for your documents again!

Attach supporting documentation directly to your procedures and associate them with specific periods for easy referencing. Documents are securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed from work or home. Tell your auditors to find their own support with a read-only license.

Save Your Accounting Department Time & Money:


Simple software 100% customized for you.
  • Centralize close process documentation
  • Assign task and track completion
  • Attach documentation to streamline reviewing
  • Preparer and reviewer sign-off buttons
  • Stores documentation for easy historical referencing
  • Alerts when behind schedule
  • Auditor access through secure portal


How does it make your life easier?
  • Adds transparency into the close process
  • Eliminates status update meetings
  • Simplifies the review with everything in one spot
  • Peace of mind knowing everything is done
  • Painless onboarding for new employees
  • Gives freedom from the office
  • Cleaner audits and PBC list management